Johanna Derose

(Video Editor Manager)

Introducing Johanna Derose, our Video Editor Manager and a versatile talent within Derose Entertainment. With a diverse skill set, she brings a unique touch to our video editing and audiovisual projects. 

Video Editor Manager: As our Video Editor Manager, Johanna oversees the creative process of video production, ensuring that every visual element aligns with our brand’s vision. Her keen eye for detail and storytelling expertise elevate our videos.

Talented Voice-Over Artist: Johanna’s voice-over talents add depth and emotion to our video content. Her expressive voice captivates audiences, making our inspirational messages resonate more deeply. 

Multilingual Proficiency: Johanna is fluent in four languages—Creole, French, Spanish, and English. Her linguistic abilities expand our reach to a global audience, and her proficiency in multiple languages ensures our messages are accessible and impactful worldwide. 

Business Administration & Translation Background: Johanna’s Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration equips her with a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape. Her insights into management and strategy contribute to the success of our video projects. 

Translation and Interpreting Expertise: Johanna has a license in translation and interpreting. She bridges linguistic gaps, enabling effective communication across cultural boundaries. Her proficiency in translation ensures that our content remains authentic and coherent in every language.

Johanna Derose’s diverse talents and language expertise are essential to our multimedia team. Her ability to convey powerful messages through voice-over and her video editing acumen bring our inspirational products to life on the screen. As Video Editor Manager, she ensures that every visual element harmoniously aligns with our mission, further strengthening the connection between our brand and audience.

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