Rich Alix Derose

(Communication Strategist, Video Producer, And Editor)

Meet Rich-Alix Derose, our talented Communication Strategist, Video Producer, and editor. With a strong foundation in communication and marketing, Rich-Alix brings a wealth of expertise to Derose Entertainment, enhancing our internal and external communication efforts. 

Communication Strategist: Rich-Alix’s strategic thinking, exceptional writing, and eloquent speaking skills make him a valuable asset in formulating effective communication strategies. His ability to analyze complex information and distill it into clear and compelling messages ensures that our communication resonates with our audience. 

Innovative Ideas: As a master of innovative ideas, Rich-Alix consistently presents fresh and creative concepts to propel Derose Entertainment forward. His contributions to brainstorming sessions foster a culture of innovation and constant improvement. 

Video Producer & Editor: Rich-Alix’s video production and editing proficiency amplifies our visual storytelling capabilities. He crafts engaging videos that showcase our products and merchandise, enhancing our brand’s presence and message delivery. 

Adobe Premiere Pro Expert: Rich-Alix’s technical skills in using Adobe Premiere Pro, a leading video editing software, allow him to create polished and professional videos. His attention to detail and creative flair ensure that our video content is visually appealing and impactful. 

Corporate Communications Degree: Rich-Alix’s academic background, including a Corporate Communications Degree from Pontificia Cátolica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), equips him with a deep understanding of effective communication in the corporate world. His knowledge of communication dynamics drives our success in reaching internal and external stakeholders. Rich-Alix Derose is a crucial bridge between Derose Entertainment, our team, and our clients. His communication expertise and exceptional video editing skills enrich our marketing efforts and ensure our inspirational products are showcased most compellingly. As a key team member, Rich-Alix is instrumental in bringing our creative vision to life and positively impacting our customers’ lives.

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