Amy Eileen

(Artistic Talent Development Manager )

Introducing Amy Eileen, our dynamic Artistic Talent Development Manager at Derose Entertainment. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades as a dancer, choreographer, and educator, Amy brings an unparalleled depth of artistic vision and educational prowess to our team.

Seasoned Educator and Mentor: Amy has nurtured a generation of performers who have graced esteemed stages from Broadway to national tours. Her educational expertise, rooted in her academic work in elementary and special education, equips her with a distinctive ability to elevate artists’ talents and foster their professional and personal growth. 

Choreography and Direction Connoisseur: As an artistic director and the owner of Premiere Danse Academy, Amy has honed her craft in choreography and direction, creating award-winning pieces and directing full-scale productions. Her innovative choreography has been showcased in theaters and conventions nationwide, bringing stories to life through movement. 

Broadway and Professional Networks Navigator: Amy’s extensive network within the performing arts community is a testament to her leadership and collaborative spirit. As a producer and event organizer, she has orchestrated successful arts events, reflecting her capacity to bring together talent and create synergistic relationships that benefit both artists and productions. 

Strategic Talent Developer: Amy has demonstrated her strategic eye for talent in her role with the National Dance Education Organization and as an adjudicator for scholarships. Her audition prep and technique work expertise make her a trusted guide for artists preparing to take center stage. 

Innovative Show Producer: Amy’s experience extends to producing dynamic performances and outreach programs, indicating her skill in conceptualizing and executing projects that entertain and engage diverse communities. 

Multifaceted Dance Expert: Amy specializes in ballet, pointe, contemporary, jazz, tap, and musical theater. Her command of various dance forms enriches our repertoire, and her artistic versatility ensures a fresh and vibrant approach to our company’s productions. Amy Eileen’s role as Artistic Talent Development Manager is vital to Derose Entertainment’s growth and success. Her dedication to crafting compelling performances, her commitment to artist development, and her visionary leadership in the performing arts make her an invaluable asset to our company. She enhances our mission to inspire and captivate audiences through exceptional talent and creative expression

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