Ricardo Derose

(CEO And Founder Of Derose Entertainment)

Discover Ricardo Derose, the pioneering CEO and founder of Derose Entertainment. Ricardo’s remarkable fusion of roles—as a philosopher, poet, writer, inventor, entrepreneur, songwriter, filmmaker, and advocate—elevates our brand to new heights of innovation and artistry.

At the heart of our brand lies Philoetry, Ricardo’s signature blend of history, philosophy and poetry, enriching our products with a tapestry of thought-provoking and soul-stirring narratives. His inventive spark as an entrepreneur perpetually propels us toward groundbreaking creative ventures. His acclaim as a Grammy-Nominated songwriter and his ventures in filmmaking endow our offerings with an unrivaled cinematic and lyrical depth. The products aren’t mere items; they’re stories, rhythms, and experiences crafted by Ricardo’s visionary artistry.

Ricardo’s technical virtuosity in sound and audio engineering encapsulates the essence of our products, ensuring an immersive experience that resonates with audiences. Also known in artistic circles as Ricky Derose, he embodies the Renaissance spirit, adept across an array of creative domains and committed to making art that echoes with purpose and passion.

An advocate for significant causes, Ricardo’s artistry is intertwined with his activism, offering a voice through our platform to movements that matter. With a Master of Fine Arts in Film Production, he brings a cinematic brilliance to our messaging, creating an impact that reverberates well beyond the screen.

Under Ricardo Derose’s visionary leadership, Derose Entertainment is not just a company but a cultural force, crafting inspirational products that aspire to empower, uplift, and transform. We are a testament to Ricardo’s unwavering dedication to authenticity and his drive to share profound narratives with the world.

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